Hi everyone,

so let’s start with introductions. My name is Giada Palma, and I createdprofile pic this blog with the purpose of offering an intriguing, funny and ironic cut on the daily news related to the entertainment business.

When I left Italy and got to L.A., I focused on catching up with the coordinates of the entertainment panorama. Every day I dedicate the first slot of the morning to reading, dissecting and joining the dots of what happens around us in L.A.

With the passing of time I noticed that Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Deadline, Cynopsis, The Wrap (and you can add other names to the list) offer an “institutional” exposition of facts, but I couldn’t find any place in the web that satisfies my expectation for an “enriched update”.

I was looking for a second layer of interpretation of the news, an insight on the secret equations of this industry.

I’m no veteran of the industry, in L.A. I spent just a little time at BBC, and honestly if I had such experience on my shoulders at this time I would charge for my thoughts and predictions. As this is not the case, the main asset into consideration is the desire to dig into the web, stick my nose into the archives, find the missing pieces of the jigsaw. Therefore don’t expect to find:

  • gossip on celebrities, tittle-tattle, whispers, scandalous exclusive facts!
  • interviews with whomever (for those go to hollywoodreporter.com)
  • reviews of movies, I don’t even read them, so for sure I won’t write any.

What I give you are the daily facts contextualized in the bigger picture.

So, if this is something you too are craving for, follow the blog, leave your comments, expand the discussion, offer your perspective, enjoy, share.




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