Here we are, the day after the match, a weak match if we consider that it had

the lowest rating of the past 7 years with just 36.6M viewers

So let’s comment the extraordinary night just behind us, as many surprises disrupted sure bets, first and foremost the winner of best picture, Birdman.

I spent the last three day reading all the hypothesis and reasonings and political check and balances that were seeing Boyhood and The Imitation Game as by far the favorite movies to best picture.

Boyhood had the support of BAFTA, while The Imitation Game contained all the characteristics that make a movie win the Oscar: it’s a very good movie, Cumberbatch did an amazing job, and the social recognition of how gay people were treated, and a public late apology for that (see 12 years slave last year), falls as a cherry on the cake. Maybe because the movie is too British, or maybe because it’s to Harvey’s, remains the fact that it only won Best Adapted Screenplay, which is a fair recognition after all.

Birdman was considered to be too “actor centered”, self referential and weak in terms of content and social impact. It was seen by many as a beautiful piece of art for art’s sake. It won. Not only one Oscar, but 4: best picture, best director, best cinematography, best original screenplay. Each of one was totally deserved and I’m very happy to see this movie triumph. Actually I would have given the 5th Oscar to Micheal Keaton because he’s such a nice guy, and because this will probably be his only chance to get an Oscar..

But we all know that the Academy prefers ill, dumb and handicap roles. There’s a long list of these, last is Redmayne, right before is McConaughey, some time before Tom Hanks, Hoffman, and many others. Redmayne was stunning, I personally loved that movie even though it doesn’t make justice to the theories of Steven Hawking, and it just stays on the emotional side of the cliff.

Some easy bets were: Grand Budapest Hotel for costume, make up and production design, I honestly didn’t think that the music was that good, but it was a long time ago so I can’t judge, Julianne Moore had basically no competition for the Oscar for Best Actress and I can also understand the choice of Patricia Arquette, even though to be fair you should give it every year to Merryl Streep, she did her best to rescue Into the Woods from the inevitable lethargy it causes.

J.K. Simmons had no real competitors, and Whiplash won a total of 3 Oscars: Supporting Actor, Best Editing, and Best Sound Mixing. I’m so happy about it because it was such a beautiful movie and it shows that with a very tight budget you can make a masterpiece. Sorry for interstellar.

I’m sorry also for the Lego movie, but everybody is. I’m sorry to have seen Neil Patrick Harris in his underwear, but probably he saw the ratings and thought that if it worked for 50 Shades of Grey, he could exploit the trend. I’m sorry Neil, I can’t say if you were too dressed up or too naked, but it just didn’t work!

I personally enjoyed the Oscars, the speech of Patricia Arquette was uplifting, and the tears of David Oyelovo remembered me that our awareness needs to be cultivated day after day to create a better world. I saw their passion, and strength and the desire to use their popularity to enahnce a change, an improvement of our society. I had a lot of fun when Inarritu asked for rights and opportunities to the new immigrants in the land made through immigration.

Last night was much more than an unpredictable show, it was a time of cheers and reflection, it was a fresh start for a new year, hopefully so rich of amazing productions as the one just past.


7 thoughts on “Birdman, the unexpected Oscars

  1. I just want to leave a brief comment and then I’ll come back after I finished watching all the nominated movies.
    – Birdman Best Picture? That was so narcissistic from the Academy! It was, indeed, a self celebration of their own caste, when they could have addressed so much bigger subjects than an artist ego! They could have chosen among gay rights, racism and devastating health issues. Each one of those, in my opinion would have been a better fit for Best Picture.
    – Best Actor: this, they could have left to Michael Keaton, even if for a mere age standpoint. Redmayne is so young he will have so many more opportunities to win an Oscar while Keaton is not getting younger, I’m afraid.
    – Biggest snub? Gone Girl, hands down. It’s been one of my favorite movies this year and not because of the story of course but the screenplay is so brilliant it deserved AT LEAST a nomination.

    Last but not least I really found the ceremony pretty dry, and NPH an overrated host.

    Just my two cents 😉


  2. I was pleasantly surprised by this year’s outcome. Most of the time it’s pretty predictable and bland but there were a lot of unseen upsets here. In a year were Birdman, Grand Hotel and Whiplash, all quirky, sorta niche movies, make such an impact it’s a win for everyone in my book. I also wrote a post on the biggest surprises if you wanna check it out 😉



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  4. Nice summary! I can’t agree more with you! This year Oscar’s award ceremony wasn’t as interesting as it used to be. I was watching it from home and thinking Oscar’s are each time less attractive.

    I also don’t know what the Academy was thinking about giving all those awards to Birdman. I mean, I enjoyed the film but for me it wasn’t that good!

    Best moment for me? Lady Gaga’s performance. Awesome!


  5. Reflecting on last week’s Oscars: Although Birdman might have appeared actor-focused, it was complex and gripping fro me through Michael Keaton’s great performance.

    I was pleased with Selma’s John Legend and Common winning the Oscar as well as their powerful performance and acceptance speeches. I was floored by Lady Gaga-she was classically beautiful as she was wonderful.


  6. I did a blog about Alexandre Desplat’s music (http://www.studiocjc.com/alexandre-desplat-oscar-goes/). I honestly have to say that while I really didn’t think he was going to win, because he was doubly nominated and was going to spilt his own vote, but it was a pleasant surprise for me. I think the music integrate itself well as part of the movie. It really does a good job of adding on to the environment and the drama. While it lacks the Oscar style sweeping melody (think John Williams) and giant orchestral sound (think Hans Zimmer), I think Desplat did a fantastic job in creating this fictional folk music.

    I truly do appreciate when winners take the time to engage the audience to raise awareness for social issues. As you mentioned, you really get to see their passion and the fact that they are using their art to change the world gradually.


  7. I really like how personal to you it feels and how in depth you go. Never shying away from holding your opinion. great writing


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