It’s not an agency, not yet a studio, and in just 4 years, it already conquered the digital space…

Founded in 2011 by George Strompolos, Fullscreen counts counts more than 150 employees,  over 400 million subscribers and more than 3 billion monthly video views shared between the 30,000+ channels partnered with the network channels.

George Strompolos used to be an executive at YouTube, and he leveraged his connections and skills to create a Multi Channel Network that helps its partners succeed on YouTube while creating a vast advertising network.

Fullscreen is now to be considered one of the big players in the YouTube space, evaluated at between $200 million and $300 million, according to Bloomberg.

The majority of Fullscreen has recently been acquired by Otter Media, a joint venture between The Chernin Group and AT&T, while Comcast and WPP remain partners through a previous round of funding of the value of $30M.

While the business model of Fullscreen could see a change, as the door to subscription based revenue is always opened and cherished by the executives of the company, it’s positioning is sound and clear.

Bloomberg defines it as a “media company powering the creation and sharing of video content with the connected generation through technology and services. Its technology products and services are used by artists, creators, brands, and agencies to entertain and engage audiences“.

But the complexity of Fullscreen goes beyond the façade of a talent agency, focused on the representation of clients and the expansion of their brand, so..

what does Fullscreen offers?

  • TECHNOLOGY to its creators. Through Fullscreen Creator Platform, creators can access a set of tool to expand their audience, optimize their revenue, engage with their fans and obtain an accurate insight on the analytics;
  • CONSULTING FOR CREATORS, always in the Fullscreen Creator Platform, the dashboard provides recommendations for content optimization and expansion of the fanbase;
  • CHANNEL MANAGEMENT, a separate division of Fullscreen, CHANNEL+, provides high-level consulting for big brands such as NBC, Fox, Ryan Seacrest and others. Channel+ experts provide optimization tactics, best practices, and overarching YouTube strategies;
  • SUPPORT IN MEDIA BUYING, through its sale force, Fullscreen works with brands on their influencer strategies, including media buying on YouTube;
  • CONTENT CREATION, having already a full production, post-production, and creative development team, the company is expanding towards original content production;
  • REACH ON ALL DEMOGRAPHIC. Even though the focus remains on the 13-25 segment, where engagement really happens, the company, through its massive presence, can reach an extended demographic, which allows an optimal allocation of ads.

This set of activities expand far beyond the traditional services rendered by an agency, in fact we can say that

addressing mid-tier performers and offering assistance to video creators at scale, Fullscreen repositioned itself from the classic agency model to a production model.

The Evolution from MCN to Global Media Company…

1) The evolution of Fullscreen expressed in term of clients, as it began from working with creators, and then expanded to managing brands through its division Channel+.

2) The next step could be to expand to other platforms, and it’s alliance with Comcast and AT&T gives a hint in that direction. AT&T  brings Fullscreen both mobile customers and  pay-TV subscribers, which could help the growth of distribution channels outside YouTube.

3) Born as a MCN, The CEO Strompolos also said that he plans to move beyond the network-model eventually and transition to more of a studio that produces original content.

4) The recent acquisition of Rooster Teeth has to be seen in the perspective of an expansion to a sound business, as according to Hullum,  Rooster Teeth has seen “50% revenue growth year-over-year” in the past few years alone, and already has business assets — live events, subscriptions, premium content — that Fullscreen wants to exploit at a greater scale.

5) Lastly, WPP is one of the leading advertising and marketing agencies among premium brands, which sweetens the direction through an advertising based model connected to premium content.

What will be next?


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