There’s no good reason why I’m talking about Brad Pitt, if not that he’s a charming actor, intuitive entrepreneur, loving husband, patient “8-heaven” father, skilled wine producer, and he has an adorable face, he just gets better year after year.

So today, I’d love to peek a bit into his life and give you and see what’s going on in Brad’s days.

Last week he closed a deal with Netflix to produce “The OA” together with Anonymous content. The eight-episode series stars indie actress Brit Marling, and that’s pretty much all we know about it, except that it will premiere in 2016.

In the meanwhile, he’s currently shooting in “The Big Short”, an adaptation of New Orleans native Michael Lewis’ best-selling financial drama. It features Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale and Steve Carell. It’s somehow in line with a recent production “Moneyball”, and one more chance for Brad to spend some time in his house in New Orleans.

He probably needs it, considering that Angelina wants to adopt one more child. brad-pitt-not-hot-030615

At what point does enough become too much for Brad? The last pictures of his arrival in L.A. haven’t been delicate with his overweight, and any occasion is a good one to suggest an imminent break up of the couple.

Immersing himself in an average of 3 or even 4 as a producer, Brad will have a lot of chances to refresh his thoughts… In fact Brad showed also that he is a very intuitive and sharp entrepreneur, and the PGA rewarded his company PLAN B, with the Visionary Award.
“Plan B Entertainment is being recognized with the Visionary Award for producing stories that have breathed new life into some of the seminal — and in some cases, most painful — episodes of our shared history,” the PGA said.

Plan B was founded in 2002 by Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Grey. In 12 years Plan B produced 22 successful movies such as Troy, Charlie and the Chocolate factory, Eat, Pray, Love, World War Z, 12 years slave and Selma. When Pitt and Aniston separated, and Grey became the CEO of Paramount Pictures, Pitt became the sole owner of the company, and he currently is the CEO, with  Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner Gardner as presidents.

Staying on productions, New Regency has just acquired an untitled dramatic thriller with director Yann Demange.
After winning Best Director in Britain with his feature debut ’71, Demange is in high demand.

Last but not least, let’s not forget that Brad Pitt stars an average of 2 movies a year, and after Fury and By the Sea, he will star in a  romantic thriller directed by Robert Zemeckis and produced by Paramount. We don’t know much about the story by now.

I feel totally supportive for this bright talent, I hope he’ll have a successful year, and that Angelina, at some point, will get older and more calm…

Ps. the wine is the Miraval Rosé, it’s actually pretty good and not too expensive, and you find it in the winery in Beverly Hills. It’s worth tasting!


6 thoughts on “What’s Brad Pitt doing?

  1. Poor Brad, he doesn’t seem at his best.
    Honestly these rumors about splitting with Angelina? I think it’s just gossip. A couple on the verge of separation does not think of adopting another kid. Maybe people it’s just jealous that they are good-looking, rich and actually good people.


  2. Oh, I didn’t know Brad Pitt closed this deal with Netflix. I am not from this industry and be able to have all these information already digested for people like me it is really interesting. Thank you for sharing! I am looking forward to seeing “The OA” on Netflix! 🙂


  3. Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company is also making some interesting deals, have you seen that? They’re already responsible for “Virunga” and have a couple more environmentally/socially responsible documentaries coming out with Netflix.


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