Tv Everywhere is a form of authenticated streaming/VOD that consists in the access though an account to internet-based service. Basically the TV provider gives you credentials and when you login you access the channels to which you are subscribed. TVE-Devices

Time Warner Cable was the first one to propose its adoption in 2009, an many networks embraced the idea in first place, as TV Everywhere serves the function of limiting the consequences of cord cutting and allows to reach a broader audience, which looked like a good deal for everyone.

But TV Everywhere showed from the beginning as controversial and non functional: in fact Comcast blocked for a long time HBO Go, Playstation 3 and Roku, while allowing access to Apple TV and Xbox 360.

Now HBO Go and PlayStation 4 are still not enabled to use the service. In second place users complained about the serious difficulty in setting the account and using the service. On top, commercials aren’t distributed in a reasonable way, and you risk watching the same commercial over and over many times during the same show.

This explain why Fox, HBO and Discovery are moving to alternative routes…

The news of the last month see Fox planning to offer shows directly to consumers online. The channel could cost subscribers as much as $3.50 a month.

Other network owners also are working on the expansion of online services: CBS has CBS All Access and CBSN for the news, while NBC is working on a subscription-based comedy channel.

 Evan Shapiro, EVP of digital enterprises NBC, is working “on the company-wide strategic development of digital opportunities to reach emerging audiences, including alternative platforms and direct to consumer distribution models” NBC said at the time.
NBC hopes to target its web audience more narrowly and sees that opportunity in comedy, where apparently 70% of the views of Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show occur online, and stay un-monetized.

HBO is launching HBO NOW. And as Time Warner depends on traditional pay TV distributors to carry someone notices that HBO’s best growth opportunities come from working with cable and satellite to increase its customer base, while the margins for a collaboration will likely diminish if HBO offers a product that encourages cord cutting.

In the meanwhile Discovery is betting on its focus on science and its ability to identify a niche market that is interested in its products. Disillusioned about the possibility that TV Everywhere will actually get anywhere, Discovery CEO David Zaslav told investors that Discovery would be “well positioned” to go over the top (OTT). If you have niche content that has super fans, by definition it’s easier to reach those people because you have brand affiliation and content that they really love.”

My perception is that the new frontier will consist in channel collectors, as a multichannel of subscriptions, that gives you access to all these subscription based services, Netflix included. You’ll have a paramount account that brings you to your accounts, as a key holder for you online TV.

The point is: will we lastly end up paying our $80 for a plethora of online channels?


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