I decided to write this post as I just joined the niche of digital strategists, and since I’m the only one at work who doesn’t have an Instagram for her dog, I actually don’t even have a dog, I decided it was about time to check out what the big players of the digital space are doing.

Schermata 2015-03-19 alle 12.29.07TWITTER  &  FACEBOOK

Twitter is no more the platforms that allows you to get an info in the fastest and most time effective way, in fact its data-licensing business, though still a small part of the company, is growing rapidly. Twitter partnered with IBM, that owns Watson artificial intelligence, to develop a cloud-based data analysis service that mines Twitter data. IBM has a lot of competition out there when it comes to social data insights.

The takeaway is: Twitter put on the armor and gets ready for war.

Last week, Facebook “acquired and immediately shut down” the commerce search app TheFind. TheFind tailors a location-based purchase system to improve suggestions. This is an highly strategic buy  as TheFind is the only real competitor to Google Shopping. With TheFind facebook is now able to retarget and merchandise new opportunities for ads without any need of data feed.

The takeaway is: Facebook is becoming the giant of retail advertising.

On top of this,  Zuckerberg announced Tuesday that you’ll be able to send money using Messenger. You just need to link your debit cards to the service and use it to message money to one another just as easily as they send a snapshot or text. Facebook wants to dominate the peer-to-peer payments market. But that’s just the beginning, as the second step would be to extend it to other types of purchases, such as consumers’ buying of products directly from advertisers.

The takeaway is: Facebook wants to become your debit card.


It looks like Twitter wants to become a powerful insights weapon, and is still figuring out how to sell this and to whom, while Facebook gets ready to buy us all. But this is not all, and back to the origins and to my field of competence, Twitter cut off Meerkat’s ability to port people over from Twitter to its own service. Meerkat basically tweets what you record. Twitter just bought Periscope, a live-streaming competitor, and as first thing in the morning, it denied access to Meerkat.

All these things happened just in the last week.

Now the interesting point is this: both Twitter and Facebook are transitioning into video content production, Twitter probably in a Vine-style, where you can create your short video directly on the platform – and the Meerkat Periscope saga should be read through this lens, while Facebook will push on advertising to become “the best place where to put your ad”. Both will soon be independent from YouTube and have their original content.

So, what would be your first Video Status or Video Tweet?



One thought on “Facebook and Twitter social but not friendly

  1. Wow! All of this just in the last week? Where was I, under a rock?
    It’s amazing how quickly these changes happens.
    Not sure how I feel about Facebook and debit cards, though. It’s not exactly the ideal place where I would store those kind of data given the problems with the privacy it had in the past…


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